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U6102  two channel usb logger


U6102 two channel usb logger

two channel usb logger box
SMonitor real-time call of any line;
Can query any record on the computer or Internet ;
Non-stop record for 24 hours;
All functions can proceed in a real-time way;
Caller ID and dial out number supported;
Automatic gain control of record and play to ensure the volume balance of two speakers;
Classified management of user right;
Count record;
Call list print,Record sound and convert format of MP3 or wave;
Can manage client and recording , show the telephone number and client data on internet or local computer.

Performance Characteristics
Digital record: fully digital mode for record and playback, hi-if reappearance of the original sound, hard disk of 1G able to record 175 hours.
Record mode: record start mode of Voltage and Audio control supported, call receiving of DTMF and FSK modes supported automatically.
Caller ID: caller company alarm alert to achieve real-time monitor.
Quick search: quick search and print of complicated call record; search and print functions of channel number, call date, phone number, company name.
Print function: print the query result by local or network printer.
Cycling record: cycling record according to designated record space and automatic deletion of the earliest record in batches.
Time record: able to pre-set record time.
Call monitor: immediate monitor of any call line.
Parallel operation: record, call record, search and playback in the same time.
Alarm function: key operation, PC and fault with alert and warning.
Network function: management of the equipment and search and playback of record through network ; Internet or LAN.

Record Mode
There are three record modes of the system for you to choose from: Voltage, voice and manual control.
Voltage control:record according to voltage change, ie, start when telephone is picked up while finish when telephone is hung up.
Audio voice control:record based on whether there is sound signal in the line check, such as interphone and so on;

Technical Parameters
1. Input: 1-16 channels
2. Impedance: high impedance >100K ohm
3. Signal-to-Noise: 50dB
4. Frequency response: 300Hz to 3400Hz
5. Digital mode:GSM
6. Collection speed: 12.5Kbit / 1s, compression ratio is 5
7. Average search path: 39MS
8. Power waste: 300W MAX
9. Celsius: +5 to +40
10. Humidity: 5% to 85%.


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