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8108 PCI call ogger card


8108 PCI call logger card

●Features and Benefits:
● 8 channels
● With PCI bus interface , plug and play, whole based on DSP architecture
● Parallel connection and high-impedance recording module, rules out interruption of data transmission on monitored channel at any time
● Offers two selections of compression to record and play back,including 2 times (ADPCM) and 5 times, supports playback by sound card
● Unique tone Inserting technology, during recording can cut in sound prompt on demand (optionally)
●Accurately judges the channel status(pickup/Hangup, Ringing, activity/silence, short circuit, disconnection)
● Supports caller id display, automatically identifies two mode respectively for FSK and DTMF
● Configuring various functional modules in different ways results in both high-impedance recording and automatic sound response message features.
● Single host computer supports 10 boards ,no need for inter-board connection
● Drivers is based on event-driven in order to multi-channel programming
● 8-channel,16-channel and 4-channel recording board are based on unified sound card driver and the three boards can be mixed slot
● Supports unique AGC in volume, which ensures the volume balance between the two sides talk and tone clear
● Provides caller id detection in a wide dynamic range, resulting in caller id can be accurately detected in poor circuit conditions
● Single board provides eight independent collateral ports for telephone recording and a port for playback and Supports three ways to start recording respectively for voltage-controlled, sound-controlled and key-controlled

Development Environment:
● Provides drivers in WIN98/2000/XP and LINUX operating system
● Provides DLL dynamic link library and ActiveX control
● Supports VC + +, VB, DELPHI, PB, C + + Bullder,. NET
● Provides a Programming example as the source procedure

Application areas:
● Telephone Service and working Quality Monitoring System
● Banking, insurance, securities and other audio monitoring in key sector
● Scheduling departments: aviation, electric power, railways, oil, ports, transportation and other conducting control center d


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